Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Cyber Analyst
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


Checkpoint Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP, former Lacoon Mobile Security) is looking for a cyber analyst to join our Mobile Threat Detection Group.

Be part of a world leading ensemble of mobile security experts, all committed to map, build and achieve the best catch rate in the industry of unknown mobile threats.

Conduct comprehensive research and unveil the latest mobile malware campaigns and present your findings in the leading security conferences worldwide123456

Challenge yourself to learn and excel in a  the fast and ever changing cyber threat landscape.

Become a true mobile cyber detective, find & follow the basic most technical clues in order to find that elusive malware.


Become part of the ART (Analysis & Response Team) - taking responsibility for improving our malware detection

You will lead the investigation and development of malware classification. 

  1. Create and write detection logic rules for our detection engines
  2. Work closely with Data Science and Research teams to lead the investigation and development of malware identification and classification.
  3. Manage guidelines for new research projects on the data collected from customers and malware database
  4. Develop a deep technical understanding on the operation of mobile phones OS including the built in security mechanisms
  5. Develop a deep technical understanding of malicious application found in the wild


Desired Background
  • Independent
  • Self-learner
  • Knowledge in Python
  • knowledge in Java
  • Knowledge with SQL and data analysis techniques - Advantage