Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Infrastructure Services Software Developer
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


Vanguard is a new group working as a startup, bringing Check Point’s advanced cyber defenses to the cloud, and creating platforms for next generation security. Underlying this solution is a multi-tier architecture that mediates between cyber sensors, end users, cyber analysts, and a highly scalable, distributed data tier composed of management servers, and big data event analytics and threat intelligence repositories.



We are looking for a software developer responsible for developing infrastructure services underlying the Vanguard Cloud.

Desired Background
  • Computer Science Graduate (or equivalent)
  • 3 years of experience (relevant army experience included)
  • Good knowledge of Java, Linux, SQL databases, Python
  • High technical and analytical capabilities
  • Flexibility, ability to work in a multi-tasked and dynamic environment


  • Experience in backend development of large, distributed software systems
  • Experience in Networking Programming & Protocols and Client/Server Programming
  • Experience in Spring, Docker
  • Experience with scripting technologies, Bash, Ansible, cloud automation solutions
  • Experience with threat prevention technologies