Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Static Analysis Software Developer (Research)
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


We are looking for a seasoned software developer to join our Static Analysis Team and take to the next step our code data flow and code similarity algorithms. The responsibilities include:

* Take full ownership of our next algorithms and lead the development through all the stages: inception, implementation, testing and production deployment.

* Research new mobile attack vectors and be one step ahead of the attackers.

* Work together with our cyber security researchers and analysts to respond to emerging threats.

The globally acclaimed Mobile Threat Detection group is on the frontline of defense against the most perilous cyber-attacks and most insidious hackers. Join us and work shoulder to shoulder with the best-in-the-field researchers, developers, reverse engineers and data scientists. We are proud to share our knowledge, presenting our work at the leading security conferences worldwide including multiple appearance at DEF CON and Black Hat. Here are some examples of our talks and findings:


* DEF CON 2018, Man In The Disk,

* DEF CON 2017, Packers,

* Black Hat 2015, Certifi-gate,

* Virus Bulletin,

* Data Science Summit,

* Gooligan,

* Expensive Wall,

Desired Background

* 4 and more years of software development experience

* Ability to understand, devise and implement algorithms (like graph search and more)

* Experience in a mainstream programming language (C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Go, Rust or other) - must

* Knowledge of 3+ other programming languages - an advantage