Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Infrastructures Software Developer
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


Check Point’s DevIS (Development Infrastructure) group is responsible for creating, maintaining, administrating and supporting Check Point’s development environment, development tools, and automation processes.

We are looking for a passionate, service-oriented developer to join our DevIS services team.

As a member of the team, you will:

  • Be an administrator of a large scale, worldwide development environment.
  • Answer service requests by Check Point’s Products Organization (R&D and QA) that relate to the environment, tools and automation processes that we provide.
  • Develop and bug fix code for our proprietary tools, 3rd party addons and scripting environment.
  • Maintain and administer source control systems deployment (git and ClearCase, etc).
  • Perform environment management - Manage the software and hardware that host the system.
  • Be a focal point for all things DevOps related.
Desired Background


-       Experience maintaining production systems and environment hosted on multiple OS (Windows/*nix).

-       Experience working with source control tools (git/ClearCase/CVS).

-       Scripting experience (csh/bash/perl/python).

-       Experience working with Oracle DB.

-       Experience working on .NET/C#/Java applications.

-       Experience with automated cloud environment.

-       Fast learner.

-       Problem solver – Able to pinpoint the source of issues, propose and implement solutions.