Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Malware Research Team Leader
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


Check Point is looking for a Malware Research team leader – The role includes managing a team of industry leading researchers with the intention of combating every aspect of cyber-crime and nation level threats.

Candidates should be able to understand and provide solutions to highly technical problems in the fields of reverse engineering, networking, cryptography, software architecture, exploitation and programming.

As malware research team leader, you will be expected to deliver the team’s research work both internally to the product teams and externally by presenting at industry leading conferences and to selected customers.

The candidates must have excellent communicational skills - both written verbally, must be able to create effective conversations with both technical and executive levels, but most importantly they must be creative thinkers and be able to inspire people around them.



Desired Background
  • 3-5 years of experience mandatory, unless you’re a natural wonder
  • 2+ years of leading research groups
  • Mastery of IDA Pro and good knowledge of its supporting environment (plugins, scripts, FLIRTs etc.)
  • Experience with both static and dynamic code analysis
  • Experience dealing with anti-debugging tricks and custom packers
  • Good knowledge of Windows Internals
  • Generally not take “it’s too complicated” for an answer