Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Team Leader
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


We are looking for an experienced team leader for leading a new team in an exciting & unique project.

The project includes research & development of a highly complex future security product harnessing latest technologies, and the team focuses on the development environment of the product. This position is a rare chance to influence and create the best development environment that will serve a large company for years to come.

The team’s focus will be to lead and later maintain and strive to constantly improve a new, state-of-the-art development pipeline for a variety of new products, on-premise and on-cloud. The goal is an automatically monitored system that provides real time data from the development of the product as well as the product itself in order to make quick and important short-term and long-term managerial decisions. The team will be intimately familiar with the product and influence it as well as its development process.

The position requires combination, excellent hands-on technological skills, people management skills, product skills and project management skills. 

Desired Background
    • 5 years’ experience as team leader
    • 3 years’ experience as a developer and 5 years’ experience working in or managing DevOps
    • Experience in bringing up and maintaining a development pipeline
    • Experience in leading a complex project, breaking it into phases and following up on its execution