Job Opportunity

Position Title:
DevIS Team Leader
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


We are looking for a passionate, service-oriented Team Leader that will lead our DevIS services team.

Check Point’s DevIS (Development Infrastructure) group is responsible for creating, maintaining, administrating and supporting Check Point’s development environment, development tools, and automation processes.

 In this position you will:

  • Lead a team of developers
  • Perform environment management - Manage the software and hardware that host the system.
  • Develop and maintain our CI systems.
  • Manage service requests by Check Point’s Products Organization (R&D and QA) that relate to the environment, tools and automation processes that we provide.
  • Develop and bug fix code for our proprietary tools, 3rd party addons and scripting environment.
  • Maintain and administrator source control systems deployment (git and ClearCase, etc).




Desired Background


-       DevOps know-how.

-       Leading a group of SW developers


-       Experience maintaining production systems and environment hosted on multiple OS (Windows/*nix).

-       Experience working with source control tools (git/ClearCase/CVS).

-       Scripting experience (csh/bash/perl/python).

-       Experience working with Oracle DB.

-       Experience working on .NET/C#/Java applications.

-       Experience with automated cloud environment.

-       Fast learner.

-       Problem solver – Able to pinpoint the source of issues, propose and implement solutions.