Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Incident Response Analyst - Tel Aviv
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Technical Services

  • Responsible for all daily incident management
  • Secondary resource for customer interaction
  • Handle all configuration and critical issues within Check Point
  • Provide email and phone support for incident support
  • Build play books for events and provide responses
  • Responsible for daily deliverables to customer (emails/etc.)
  • Perform incident response and forensic analysis of compromised systems, identify and provide recommendations for remediation of DDoS events and the ability to reverse engineer malware.
  • Formulate and direct incident response efforts, prioritize those response efforts, and create legible incident reports that describe the compromise vector,attacker methodologies, and artifacts of data exfiltration.
  • Perform forensic analysis of Windows and Unix systems to identify compromise artifacts.
  • Build sandbox/test lab environments to evaluate malicious code
  • Work within a team environment and will be responsible for coordinating work actions with that team.



Desired Background
  • 2-5 years of experience performing incident response with an emphasis on system compromise analysis
  • 1-2  years of experience performing security reviews/vulnerability risk assessments of network environments using both manual procedures and automated analysis tools.
  • 1-2  years of experience of the TCP/IP protocol suite, security architecture, and remote access security techniques/products.
  • 1-2years of experience with enterprise anti-virus solutions, virus outbreak management, and the ability to differentiate virus activity from directed attack patterns
  • Ability to participate in on-call rotation