Job Opportunity

Position Title:
Mobile Security Research Team leader
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products - R&D


We are looking for a professional who can lead a team of passionate mobile researcher in the pursuit of malware and spying programs in mobile. Someone who is not afraid to dig deep into the internals of Android/iOS, fight malware obfuscation techniques, and discover the latest security breaches. Someone who will push the envelope of our state of the art detection engines.

Desired Background
  • 4+ years' experience with the internals of Operating Systems. Android/iOS – big advantage.   
  • 3+ years' experience in reverse engineering.
  • 2+ years’ experience programming in languages, such as C++/ Python/ Java
  • Experience with IDA/JEB/OllyDBG.
  • 1+ years’ in a managerial/leading position – big advantage
  • Exploit/Vulnerability research – big advantage
  • Web security background – advantage